Bootcamp Projects

Hello, and thank you for considering the Yenetta Code Bootcamp! We’re thrilled to see you as a prospective student. Our bootcamp has been carefully crafted to equip you with essential skills and knowledge, enabling you to thrive in the programming arena. Given the high number of applicants, we request you to submit the following project by May 02, 2023 for evaluation purposes. This project will play a crucial role in assessing your abilities and determining your eligibility for the program.

Task Management System

Difficulty Level


The Task Management System will allow users to manage their personal tasks in an organized manner. This application will help users keep track of their tasks, mark them as complete or incomplete, and edit or delete them as needed

Key Features



User Authentication

  • Implement a sign-up form that captures the user's name, email address, and password.
  • Implement a login form that requires the user's email address and password.
  • Use JSON Web Tokens (JWT) or similar technology for secure user authentication and session management (Optional).

Task Creation

  • Provide a form where the user can enter a task with description.
  • Save the new task to user task list in your database
  • Display the new task in the user’s task list

Task List

  • Retrieve the user’s task from the database and display in a list format
  • Show the task description and status (complete or incomplete) for each task
  • Implement filters to display only completed or incomplete task (Optional)

Task Updates

  • Provide a way for users to mark tasks as complete or incomplete, such as a checkbox or toggle button.
  • Allow users to edit the task description and due date through an edit form or inline editing.
  • Update the task's information in the your database when changes are made.

Task Deletion

  • Include a delete button or icon next to each task in the task list.
  • Remove the task from the user's task list in the your database when the delete button is clicked.
  • Update the task list display to remove the deleted task.

Constraints and restrictions

You are free to use any library or language you see feet as long as you follow these rules:

  • 🥇 Use the best coding and web design practices as you see fit.
  • 👍🏼 We recommend using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript or any JS templating engine.
  • 👍🏼 A database is required, and we need the corresponding database operation code.
  • We recommend you use SQL for your database. Other databases are also allowed
  • 😎 Backend API ( like NodeJs) is Optional. You can use Frontend and database integration only
  • We expect you to push your finished project on Github. And send us a link to your project repository at  Please leave instructions to run your program in your repository.
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