Let Your Kids Enjoy Their Own Game

Let Your Kids Enjoy Their Own Game

Let Your Kids Enjoy Their Own Game

Code The Classics

Yenetta Code is proud to bring you “Code The Classics” where children learn to code by creating their own games

Children get to create their own Retro inspired games by using the well known Scratch programming language. 

Participants will undergo a 2 Month training to introduce them to the fundamentals of coding and familiarise them with Scratch and other tools that they will be using during the 2 days of hackathon by the end of the training.

In this hackathon participants will be divided into different teams and build their own ’80s inspired games – ranging from Mario to Astroid, each represents a different genre. 

Our Goal


Retro Games


Steps to


Register using the form below to reserve a spot for your child.

Get Account Info

Your child account info will be sent to your email within 24 hours along with payment details and other useful information.


Start Learning

Login to your child’s account with the credentials sent to your email and get your child started with the Hour of Code.


Get Started

Code The Classics

ETB 3400 Total Per Child
  • 3 - 4Hrs online/in-person training per Week For 8 Weeks
  • 8 Weeks access to Yenetta Code’s online classrooms
  • 10% discount on all Yenetta Code’s merchandise
  • Free entrance to the Hackathon
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