Introduction to Scratch Programming

What you’ll learn

  • Create smart and fun games
  • Create animations and cool visual effects
  • Code – one of the most important skills to learn!
  • Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games
  • Learn text-based programming languages 2x – 10x faster


  • A computer (PC, Mac, or Linux – even Chromebook!). You’ll download and install the latest Scratch 3.0 (FREE!) with step-by-step instructions.
  • No prior programming experience needed.


In this course, we’ll learn to code, starting from the basic blocks. No kidding! Scratch, the programming language we use (developed by MIT), is so fun that it makes programming seem like a game.

We’ll learn by doing. The course is designed so that you create the games and applications with your own two hands. We learn a variety of computer science topics, but we hide the complexity behind characters, animations, analogies and fun!

That’s because, in these carefully designed lessons, we train our intuition to make sense of what we want to achieve and how to get there. This will help you quickly master the basics. After this course, you’ll learn text-based programming languages at a blazing speed and quickly make sense of any piece of code.

The content is designed to be fun! We learn to create animations and cool effects and we create clones of some of the most popular games: Asteroid Breaker, Snake and Fruit Slicer. The games are handpicked to optimize learning computer science topics while having fun along the way. We will also update the course on a regular basis with new content – and challenges!

Who this course is for:

  • For kids 8 and up (learn on your own), for teachers, or for parents working with children ages 7-12.
  • Perfect for homeschooling parents or K-12 parents and teachers who want to give their students a HUGE advantage by learning to read and write code.
  • Absolute beginners in programming and computer science

We can’t wait to have you in the course!

The course is regularly updated with new material, tips and tricks that you can use in your games and projects!

Chapter 1: Getting Started With Scratch

Installing and Using Scratch

Chapter 2: Drawing Rainbows

Rainbow Lines

Chapter 3: Coding Puzzles

Maze runner

Chapter 4: Let's Do Some Sports

Shooting Hoops

Chapter 5: Time To Break Stuff

Brick Breaker

Chapter 6: Seleme Seleme


Chapter 7: Master Ninja

Fruit Slicer

Chapter 8: Star Wars

Asteroid Breaker

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