Coding Camp

Get ready to give your children an epic summer of coding fun and adventure! Our exhilarating summer coding program is designed to ignite their creativity and unleash the power of their imagination. Join us for an unforgettable journey where they’ll delve into the exciting worlds of Scratch, Python, Minecraft, Roblox, and more! Don’t let your child miss out on this thrilling opportunity to become a coding master and bring their wildest ideas to life. Enroll them now and let the coding excitement begin!

Year Round Classes

(Age 5-18)

Our Year-Round Classes run from September through June. It has 3 quarters and its held over the weekends in our learning center.

Online classes

(Age 8-18)

Our online classes run the entire year. It has 4 quarters and all classes are held online on our online learning platform.

Summer Camp

(Age 5-18)

Our summer camps run from June to August. Classes include a range of activities held in our learning center as well as partner schools.

Choose a course that suits you

Kids can start studying at any age. When they finish their course, they can move on to the next one to continue their studies, and gradually become a professional developer

5-7 years

Pre Readers Coding

7-18 years

Fundamentals of Coding

7-18 years

Game Design & Development

13-18 years

Python Start

13-18 years

Python pro

13-18 years

Website Development

Get ready for today and tomorrow

Improve school performance

We will fall in love with the exact sciences, get a fresh take on ordinary subjects, and achieve surprising results at school

Prepare for future professions

We will nurture mathematical thinking and try ourselves in the most promising IT fields

Develop universal skills

We will learn to think critically, work in teams and feel free to make mistakes on the path to achieving qualifications the world needs

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Our coding classes are self paced, exciting and fun.

We use a platform that’s easy to use, so beginners can feel comfortable from the start.

In a low stress setting, learners will work at their own pace with the support and encouragement of an instructor. Each class has a distinct objective and outcome, so children will work towards a goal and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

Meet our teachers

Nathan Damtew

Active Learning Teacher

Surafel Girma

Sport Teacher


Music Teacher

Rediet Teshale

Art Teacher

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