How Code Club Works

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Kids in your community learn to code

What Is Code Club?

Code Club is a Coding-Club-in-a-Box for parents or teachers of middle and high school students. Introduce students to the world of coding through fun, interactive, and age-appropriate learning activities using animated characters and Lego®-like blocks of code.

Code Club provides everything you need to start a coding club quickly & easily, at no cost to schools. Students use our self-guided curriculum, activities, and platform to learn to code with a teacher or parent as club leader. Code Club handles the rest, including student registration, attendance tracking and updates.

Students will quickly gain a better understanding and appreciation of coding concepts through interactive games and activities


Code Club offer free step-by-step guides and resources to help you run your club


Our easy to follow, step-by-step guides encourage young people to learn ScratchHTML/CSS, and Python while creating their own games, animations and websites.

We provide additional resources for our clubs, such as a welcome pack to help you get started and downloadable certificates. We also run regular competitions and giveaways.

Get Involved

You don’t need to be a coding expert to join the community, there are lots of ways to get involved

  • Volunteer at a club in your area for one hour a week
  • Start a club in your school and team up with a local volunteer
  • Translate our materials so we can reach kids all over the world
  • Donate to help us with our work

Its Easy To Start A Kode Club At Your School

Any teacher can run a Code Club: you don’t need previous coding experience or special equipment.

Use our free resources and any computers in your school to get started, we will support you along the way